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    Sugar Substitutes

    Sugar substitutes are referred to by many names including artificial sweeteners and high-intensity sweeteners. A different group, sugar alcohols, includes xylitol and sorbitol. The controversy of sugar substitutes is that they have been linked with a number of disorders including type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and excess body weight.

    Weight loss. Studies have been unable to divide whether the sugar substitutes cause weight gain or that the individuals who ingest the substitutes also eat a higher caloric diet that causes weight gain.

    Diabetes. If ingestion of substitutes reduces calories then they help diabetes. In addition, they raise blood sugar levels less than sucrose (table sugar).

    Dental health. It is generally accepted that sugar substitutes reduce the risk of developing cavities.

    (Did You Know? Sugar alcohols are likely to be found in chewing gum, hard candy, cough drops, ice cream and baked goods. They can cause gastrointestinal problems when consumed in large amounts.)

    Cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia and stroke. There is no strong evidence of linking these with sugar substitutes but authors recommend further studies.

    Some common substitutes:

    Aspartame: Approved 1981. In chewing gum, breakfast cereals, beverages, coffee, dairy toppings. Trade names Nutrasweet, Equal.
    Saccarin: Approved 1912. In beverages, fruit juice drinks, processed foods. Trade names Sweet and Low.

    Steviol glycosides: “Generally Recognized as Safe or GRAS”. In teas, candies, chewing gum, soft drinks, soy sauce. Trade names Stevia, Truvia.

    Sucralose: Baked goods, beverages, chewing gum, frozen dairy desserts. Trade name Splenda.

    -Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter

    Our Spectrum LASER/IPL and this is what it does…

    HAIR: Permanent Hair Reduction

    VASCULAR: Eliminates spider veins, capillaries, and small hemangiomas of face, legs and body.

    PIGMENT: Pigment & brown spot reduction of face, neck, decolletage, and hands.

    SKIN RESURFACING: Facial peels improve wrinkles from “lunchtime” to complete resurfacing.

    TATTOO: Tattoo removal, “Erase Regret”.

    ACNE: Acne treatments for adults and teens.

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