• Coronary Artery Disease Laser Hair Removal 10% off Package of 6 Treatments!!! CoolSculpting Special too Low to Advertise! Call Joni for Details. Botox WEEK, Yes, WEEK, Next WEEK! Botox Tuesday is October 15

    Jeuveau/Newtox is the latest in injectable treatments. It works in a similar fashion as Botox but with a “surprising onset and promising duration”. For a limited time we will be offering this at $10/unit or $150 for our typical syringe of 15 units.

    Botox Day is Tuesday, October 15th BUT WE WILL BE HAVING SOME HOURS EVERY DAY NEXT WEEK!!! We will have discounts on Botox and fillers such as Juvederm. Botox is $13/unit or $195/syringe (normally $16/unit and $240/syringe). Fillers are also 10% off. Juvederm is the most common filler for “raising” facial wrinkles. Voluma is an injectable filler that augments and lifts the cheeks and Volbella and Vollure subtly augment the lips and improve perioral wrinkles.

    Mused after reading “BLINK” is returning this weekend. An art and light experience going from Covington to Findlay Market. Another unique event our great city puts on. Thursday through Sunday, worth checking out.

    Laser hair removal package of 6 is now 10% off our usual low package price! Our “cool tip” minimizes discomfort. Take advantage of permanent hair reduction treatments and be ready for next spring. Above the waist the treatments are every 4-6 weeks and below 8-12 weeks. Little discomfort and quick treatments by a qualified nurse. Now through the end of October. Call for details 513-793-5772.

    Coronary Artery Disease

    Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the number one killer of Americans, claiming half a million lives annually, most commonly by causing a heart attack. In fact, Bernie Sanders had stents placed in his coronary arteries last week for CAD. CAD occurs when atherosclerosis “hardening of the arteries” affects the arteries of the heart. CAD causes coronary heart disease, a term that is often used interchangeably.

    In CAD, a waxy substance called plaque, a combination of LDL cholesterol and the body’s response to it, builds up in the coronary arteries. Though only one factor in arterial health, plaques can cause blood clots and blockages, leading to chest pain (angina) and heart attacks.

    (Did You Know? A recent study of people drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee daily were 41% less likely to show signs of coronary artery calcium than nondrinkers. The calcium is an early indicator of atherosclerosis.)

    You can reduce your risk of CAD by:
    Quitting smoking
    Improving blood cholesterol levels
    Controlling high blood pressure
    Increasing physical activity
    Maintaining a healthy weight

    Our Spectrum LASER/IPL and this is what it does…

    HAIR: Permanent Hair Reduction

    VASCULAR: Eliminates spider veins, capillaries, and small hemangiomas of face, legs and body.

    PIGMENT: Pigment & brown spot reduction of face, neck, decolletage, and hands.

    SKIN RESURFACING: Facial peels improve wrinkles from “lunchtime” to complete resurfacing.

    TATTOO: Tattoo removal, “Erase Regret”.

    ACNE: Acne treatments for adults and teens.

    Our consultations are FREE. Call us at 513-793-5772 to schedule yours and get the specific information for your circumstance.


    A dish too bland? Try adding one of the following: miso, fish sauce (it doesn’t taste fishy), soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, or vinegar.
    -Men’s Journal


    We have our Retin-A at 20% off this month.

    COOLSCULPTING SPECIAL is a secret. Call Joni for details. It’ll be worth your time!

    Healthy living,

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