Our Spectrum LASER/IPL and this is what it does…

Specifically our laser does:

HAIR:  Permanent Hair Reduction

VASCULAR:  Eliminates spider veins, capillaries, and small hemangiomas of face, legs and body.

PIGMENT:  Pigment & brown spot reduction of face, neck, decolletage, and hands.

SKIN RESURFACING:  Facial peels improve wrinkles from “lunchtime” to complete resurfacing.

TATTOO:  Tattoo removal, “Erase Regret”.

ACNE:  Acne treatments for adults and teens.

A laser is a wavelength of light.  This wavelength is absorbed by something specific.  For example, a blood vessel laser light is attracted to the hemoglobin in the blood which clots spider veins, broken capillaries and small facial blood vessels and the body absorbs them.  The hair removal laser light is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicle which it destroys.  The erbium or skin resurfacing laser light is attracted to the water in the skin so it removes layers of skin improving fine wrinkles.  The tattoo laser light has two wavelengths.  The most common is attracted to dark pigments in the cells holding the dye.  The other is attracted by colors especially red.  “Erase Regret” occurs by destroying the cell with the ink and the body removes the “free” ink.


The IPL is technically not laser but a light that goes through a prism that filters out most lights except certain wavelengths.  Different prisms allow different wavelengths through. It is not as specific as a laser but helps with brown spots, diffuse blood vessels (think cheeks), acne (improves within hours) and to a lesser extent hair removal.  It will also tighten skin.


In many cases a laser is a PROCESS.  In almost all cases more than one treatment is needed to achieve an endpoint.  And, of course, it’s virtually impossible to predict how many treatments are needed.  Oftentimes the treatments continue until a goal or no further improvement is achieved. Even then “maintenance” may be needed.  For example, with hair removal, even if 90+% of hair is removed, once yearly treatments are recommended.


(Did You Know?   Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation”.  IPL stands for “Intense Pulse Light”.)


In Ohio, the law states that a trained professional (like our nurses) can use the hair removal laser with a physician in the building.  All other laser treatments must be done by a physician.


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