The Process of Surgery

One of the keys to a successful surgical experience is feeling comfortable with Dr. McKenna as your surgeon. Discussions will include getting to know each other during the consultation helping to develop trust and confidence in Dr. McKenna. During the consultation your concerns will be discussed in detail. His goal is to give you the information you need to make a good decision about your surgery. He will tell you what may help and give you options as well as inform you of what will not be beneficial where appropriate. Questions are encouraged as he feels that the more you know the more comfortable you will be with your decisions. A physical exam, treatment plan, and estimated costs (including financing) will complete your first visit.

A second consultation is usually scheduled to give you time to reflect on the information given. share it with others, and formulate more questions. This second visit is also a good time to bring in a loved one so that they too may get to know Dr. McKenna. He will discuss in detail the potential risks and complications and go over a consent. An instruction sheet explaining the necessary post-operative care will be given.

You will almost always see Dr. McKenna the day of surgery prior to your procedure. He will again go over the goals of the surgery, answer questions, and go over the post-operative instructions. Markings where necessary will be made and pre-operative photos taken.

Dr. McKenna encourages you to call at any time with questions or concerns. He wants you to feel that we are available to assist you throughout your entire surgical experience. His goal is not to just perform an operation but to ensure your satisfaction with the result and time spent while being a part of his office.