• Tanning Beds; Breast Augments $5495; Botox $195 CoolSculpting Free Treatment; Sunscreens 15% off


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    Tanning Beds; Breast Augments $5495; Botox $195

    CoolSculpting Free Treatment; Sunscreens 15% off


    Mused after reading that over 50% of American adults have gotten at least one Covid vaccination and over 30% have gotten two. Let’s get more vaccinations so we can lose the masks!



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    Breast Augments $5495 *limited time!
    Breast augments including surgeon, anesthesia, and facility fees are currently $5495. This includes consults between now and July 1 and surgery completed by August 1. Call for your complimentary consultation.



    The Cool(Sculpting) Crew is Growing!


    We are gathering patients who need CoolSculpting to join our “McKenna’s Cool Crew”. It is being extended due to high demand. The goal is to obtain before and after photos for all ages and areas. You will be awarded special pricing and free treatment just for participating. Call Joni for details and to schedule a complimentary consultation.



    BOTOX/FILLER Discounts as long as Covid is a factor!


    To accommodate you as safely as possible we will continue to offer Botox at $13/unit ($195 per syringe) and Fillers 10% off our normal rate. Dr. McKenna does the injections himself! So you get 30 years’ experience and over 50,000 syringes of Botox injected.


    **Two other important factors: We do our surgeries HERE at our accredited surgery center and not at a hospital and patients who have had prior surgeries with us get a discount.





    Many of us are headed to warmer climates (including myself) and some vacationers have thoughts of having a tan before going. In a word, don’t! Tanning beds roast skin with doses of UVA radiation that are 12 times stronger than sunlight’s. It doesn’t often cause redness or burning sensations so tanners don’t realize how much damage they are doing.


    (Did You Know? Use of a tanning bed before age 35 increases the risk of developing melanoma by 75 percent.)


    Don’t want to look pale going to the beach this time of year? Use a safe self-tanner. These products contain dihydroxyacetone, a non-carcinogenic color additive that tints the outermost layer of skin.


    – Roerio Neves, M.D., Deputy Director Penn State Hersey Melanoma Center





    Safest means of transportation? Air travel. Over the past 12 years airlines have carried more than eight billion passengers without a fatal crash. (The single passenger death was from an engine fan blade coming apart during a 2018 flight.) Technology has played a role but the biggest factor is sharing of information between airlines and the government.




    “I would highly recommend Dr. McKenna. He and his staff made me feel completely at ease during the whole process.” A.B.








    Take a look at our many SKIN CARE,

    NON-SURGICAL and SURGICAL procedures we offer!


    Open your camera app and point to the QR Code to open and view the menu of services.







    Special: ALL Sunscreens are 15% off! Take advantage of this during this nice stretch of weather.


    Mask Breakout? Our skin care specialists can help. Schedule a facial analysis and micropeel for $98. Medical and prescription skin care products do work!


    WE ARE THE ONLY OFFICE with a DOSE machine in Cincinnati. It mixes a unique formulation of SkinCeutical ingredients that are professionally diagnosed to address the specific needs of your skin. The specific product comes after you answer a questionnaire about your skin, goals and needs. Each bottle is $195 and lasts roughly 3 months.


    Healthy living,


    Peter McKenna, M.D.




    McKenna Cosmetic Surgery Center | 513.793.5772 |10577 Montgomery Road | Cincinnati, OH 45242
    A Cincinnati Magazine “Top Doc” since 1998

    Allergan Top 500 Physician

    SkinCeuticals “Flagship” Practice



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