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    Sleep and Your Relationship; Groups of Animals; “A French Village”

    Breast Augments $5495; Sunscreens 15% off

    Mused after watching the first couple of episodes of A French Village. On Amazon Prime, it is a dramatization of one village in France that is overtaken by the Germans at the beginning of WWII. In French with English subtitles, it follows the French people and their struggles during this occupation. Thanks to one of our patients for the tip.

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    Who among you is losing sleep because your partner (or maybe you) snores like a bear, hogs the covers tosses and turns like an alligator or stays up late like a night owl? Animals a common theme?

    Science show that when you sleep poorly your communication skills suffer, your problem-solving skills are compromised and physical efforts are harder. You’re more irritable and prone to mental health issues including depression. All this combines for toxicity to your relationships. Of course, it also goes vice versa with a bad relationship compromising sleep too.

    (Did You Know? Women are twice as likely to have insomnia as men who are three times as likely to have obstructive sleep apnea.)

    Different sleep-wake cycles between couples can also affect relationships. So the night owl goes to bed later and after the lark is already asleep. Since we derive a sense of safety and security from sleeping with our partners, that is disrupted with differing sleep-wake cycles. Those with good problem solving skills can overcome this. A practical effort involves both going to bed at the same time and then the night owl flying away until tired when it returns to bed. Likewise the lark will be up earlier to start the day.

    Next week a discussion on problems that cause lack of sleep like snoring.

    -Elizabeth Bernstein, WSJ

    Groups of animals can have unusual names. Here are a few fun ones:

    A shrewdness of apes
    A congregation of alligators
    A cauldron of bats
    A sloth of bears
    A gang or obstinacy of buffalo
    A glare (there are others too) of cats
    A caravan of camels
    A coalition of cheetahs
    A murder of crows
    A cowardice of dogs
    A convocation of eagles
    A parade of elephants (I miss the circus)
    A tower of giraffes
    A flamboyance of flamingos
    A bloat or thunder of hippopotamuses
    A troop or mob of kangaroos
    A conspiracy of lemurs
    A troop or barrel of monkeys
    A crash of rhinoceroses
    A prickle of porcupines
    And finally, an unkindness of Ravens! “Nevermore”

    “Love you all. You made it all so easy – put me at ease.” T.N.


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