• Social Media and Teenage Girls Win FREE Coolsculpting This is Botox/Jeuveau Week

    Jeuveau/Newtox is the latest in injectable treatments. It works in a similar fashion as Botox but with a “unique onset and promising duration”. For a limited time we will be offering this at $10/unit or $150 for our typical syringe of 15 units.

    Botox Day is tomorrow, August 20 BUT WE WILL BE HAVING SOME HOURS EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!! We will have discounts on Botox and fillers such as Juvederm. Botox is $13/unit or $195/syringe (normally $16/unit and $240/syringe). Fillers are $100 off our regular price. Juvederm is the most common filler for “raising” facial wrinkles. Voluma is an injectable filler that augments and lifts the cheeks and Volbella and Vollure subtly augment the lips and improve perioral wrinkles.

    Mused after watching tennis at the ATP tournament this past weekend. Always a fun time with the focus on tennis, food, and socializing. If you haven’t tried it get tickets for next year even if you don’t care for tennis. It’s an annual event that ranks with the Reds, Bengals, and Octoberfest.

    With 2 of my 4 daughters at ATP, hence the below article.

    Social Media and Teenage Girls

    “Modern girls are never truly alone and never truly with others.”

    Today’s youth are an unplanned experiment with social media. The constant connection leads to anxiety, loneliness and even depression. Recent studies show that 36% of girls report being anxious every day and 62% of female freshmen in college have experienced anxiety or panic attacks.

    Since the dawn of the cell phone era, 2007, girls have dramatically decreased the amount of time they spend shopping, seeing friends, or going to movies. Instead they stay home, watch Netflix, and surf social media. They spend on average 6-9 hours a day online. Social media works against the basic developmental goals of physical, cognitive, relational, and maturational development.

    “Girls collect likes instead of friends.”

    (Did You Know? FOMO: Fear of missing out.)

    What to do:

    Parents should encourage identity building through team sports, volunteering, and part-time jobs. Girls can be taught to schedule their own medical/dental appointments and help plan family activities. They can develop themselves through writing, music, drama, and journaling helps processing complex feelings.

    Girls can also help themselves by making pacts with their friends to turn off their phones during certain hours. (Hence avoiding the FOMO.) Unplugging and doing things with the family that have been done forever; telling stories, laughing, working together, and talking through life’s big questions.

    Don’t forget, many of these same issues apply to teenage boys.

    – Dr. Mary Pipher and Sara Pipher Gilliam, WSJ

    Win FREE Coolsculpting!!!

    For the remainder of August, when you tell a friend about Coolsculpting and they schedule a treatment, you will be registered to win free Coolsculpting for yourself. For each friend that schedules, you will be entered again. The more friends you send, the greater your chances of winning. You can pick your area: arms, flanks, under the chin, upper or lower abdomen, inner thighs, or banana roll! (Up to 4 cycles). You and your friend will also receive 25% off of your treatment and a Summer Secret Swag Bag. Call today for your complimentary consult.

    Abdomen: Before and One Month CoolSculpting Post-Treatment


    Forgot to tell you to add cilantro to last week’s salsa recipe. Giada has some simple Italian recipes and here’s one. Make 3 cups of coffee. Mix in ½ cup of sugar, pinch of salt and a teaspoon of vanilla. Put in freezer 2 hours. Use a fork to stir the “slushy” and freeze for two more hours. Put in decorative glass and top with whipped cream for a light refreshing treat or dessert.

    Filler Special:

    $100 off each syringe of fillers until September 1!!! Juvederm, Vollure, Voluma, and Volbella can be used for wrinkle elevation, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement and in select cases minor nose correction, chin augmentation, and earlobe plumping.

    Filler chin augmentation

    NEW SKIN CARE PATIENTS TREATED IN AUGUST ARE HALF OFF WITH OUR NEW SKIN CARE NURSE LAURA. (Normally $98 for a micropeel, $49 treated in August.)

    OUR ANNUAL MICROPEEL SPECIAL, 3 for $235. Micropeels are individually $98. Limit one package of three per patient.

    Latisse for eyelash enhancement is $98 for 3ml and $159 for 5 ml.

    Healthy living,

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