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    Mused after hearing about the tragedies in Dayton and El Paso. While there are many factors that can be blamed, mental health and a lack of a connection with society are two that are common threads with these events. Let’s hope as a country we make strides to help those who feel helpless and isolated.

    Fasting Diets

    Typical diets involve cutting calories whereas intermittent fasting reduces calories by restricting eating through time-restrictions. In other words, not eating before noon or any time after 7 p.m. or even fasting one day a week reduces calories. The theory is that man evolved and adapted by having periods of low caloric intake when food was scarce. Our current metabolism might be better suited to this time caloric restriction.

    A 2017 review of the science published about all forms of caloric restriction concluded that both forms are about equal in their effectiveness. A small randomized study in 2018 published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded the same findings.

    (Did You Know? I read another study over the weekend about this and the author concluded that there were advantages to the time-restriction theory. Then I read where he only used 46 patients. Too few, in my opinion, to draw a meaningful conclusion. The point is always check your sources, like a good reporter.)

    What to do:
    Personal preferences, genetic makeup, and environmental factors all need to be taken into account. Those who get weak, dizzy, shaky or cranky when skipping meals should avoid fasting. It may not be appropriate for diabetics also. Even if your choice is fasting make sure you eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Fasting should not be an excuse to make poor dietary choices.

    – Tuft’s Health and Nutrition Letter

    Win FREE Coolsculpting!!!

    For the remainder of August, when you tell a friend about Coolsculpting and they schedule a treatment, you will be registered to win free Coolsculpting for yourself. For each friend that schedules, you will be entered again. The more friends you send, the greater your chances of winning. You can pick your area: arms, flanks, under the chin, upper or lower abdomen, inner thighs, or banana roll! (Up to 4 cycles). You and your friend will also receive 25% off of your treatment and a Summer Secret Swag Bag. Call today for your complimentary consult.

    Abdomen: Before and One Month CoolSculpting Post-Treatment


    Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, has a marinade for chicken or fish. It includes olive oil, garlic, lemon and its zest, soy sauce, fresh ginger, salt and pepper. I’ll be using it on swordfish this week as she did.

    Filler Special:

    $100 off each syringe of fillers until September 1!!! Juvederm, Vollure, Voluma, and Volbella can be used for wrinkle elevation, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement and in select cases minor nose correction, chin augmentation, and earlobe plumping.

    Filler chin augmentation


    NEW SKIN CARE PATIENTS TREATED IN AUGUST ARE HALF OFF WITH OUR NEW SKIN CARE NURSE LAURA. (Normally $98 for a micropeel, $49 treated in July and August.)

    OUR ANNUAL MICROPEEL SPECIAL, 3 for $235. Micropeels are individually $98. Limit one package of three per patient.

    Latisse for eyelash enhancement is $98 for 3ml and $159 for 5 ml.

    Healthy living,

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