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    Mused after watching the two period pieces, The Crown and Bridgerton. Yes, I know, I’m late to The Crown (like Justified last week.) I didn’t know The Crown would be as historical as it is which gives more depth. Bridgerton is this year’s Outlander and apparently it scheduling a second season.


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    Mental Health Tips

    While there are many ways to mentally deal with Covid life, here are some that universally can help.

    1. Make sleep nonnegotiable. Sleep experts recommend a consistent wake-up time and create a relaxing wind-down routine. Take a bath, read, turn down the lights and thermostat. Disconnect from technology.
    2. Set a daily routine. Get up at the same time. Get dressed! Create a morning ritual (mine is take dog out, make coffee, feed dog, drink coffee while reading newpaper, exercise.) Eat meals and exercise at set times. This creates predictability in a somewhat out of control world.
    3. Calm your mind. Try yoga, meditation or prayer in the morning and deep breathing later in the day for quick tension-releasing technique.
    4. Watch your language. Try to replace “hot” language with “cooler.” Stop I should…and replace with I would like to…
    5. Practice compassion. Self-compassionate people are happier, more optimistic, more motivated and more resilient. Talk to yourself as you would your best friend. Be kind.
    (Did You Know? Perhaps the best thing to do is to be grateful. Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them. When annoyed, think of some things that you like about the person. It will come back to you.)

    6. Move your body. Exercise reduces the body’s stress response and boosts mood. Try for 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day but even 5 minutes can decrease anxiety.
    7. Create a media “diet”. With too much negative news these days, reduce the news you watch not only on television but also social media. Look for positive feeds.
    8. Choose extracurricular activities wisely. Pleasant ones such as volunteering and those that are easy mastered provide a sense of self-satisfaction and contentment. Avoid those that would cause frustration.
    9. Cultivate supportive relationships. This promotes emotional healthiness. Connect regularly with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to share feelings especially if you need a little help.
    -Elizabeth Bernstein, WSJ


    Chocolate may be good for your heart. An article in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology examined six studies and found that consuming chocolate at least once a week was associated with a lower risk of coronary disease. They did not say how much but prior studies suggest a small amount of dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher) and candy bars, brownies and chocolate cake don’t count!


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    Healthy living,

    Peter McKenna, M.D.

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