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    Mused after noticing this blooming bush the day before we got more snow. Many early bloomers may suffer as it appears winter has not quite released its grip. Let’s hope it’s still a colorful spring!

    Essentially, herbal remedies consist of portions of plants or unpurified plant extracts containing several constituents which are often generally believed to work together synergistically. The recent resurgence of public interest in herbal remedies has been attributed to several factors some of which include (i) various claims on the efficacy or effectiveness of plant medicines, (ii) preference of consumers for natural therapies and a greater interest in alternative medicines, (iii) erroneous belief that herbal products are superior to manufactured products, (iv) dissatisfaction with the results from orthodox pharmaceuticals (v) high cost and side effects of most modern drugs, and (vi) a movement toward self-medication.
    A review of 46 studies on 727 herbal products showed quality problems including large variations in chemical composition that ranged from absence of the expected compound to unnaturally high concentrations.
    (Did You Know?  The classification of many herbals as food or dietary supplements is the reason why there is little regulation.)
    Adverse events related to herbal products are due to improper use or poor product quality. Other specific quality issues included poor-quality or misidentifying herbs; incorrect processing, manufacturing, and storage methods; and contamination of starting materials or products.
    These variations not only make it difficult for consumers but also for there to be effective studies on these supplements. Quality control can only help both of these factors.
    – Tuft’s Health & Nutrition Letter and National Institutes of Health
    Breast Augmentations for first time breast augmentation patients only between now and May 31st! $6500 for saline or $6900 for silicone implants. Also, you get a free dose of filler such as Juvederm or Botox. This special includes surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, OR fees AND implants! Schedule your consultation by May 31st and complete the surgery by June 30. Call for your complimentary consultation. Some restrictions apply.
    Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage? Rueben Sandwiches or…
    Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    In an oven proof pan, sauté a diced onion and a minced clove of garlic in butter or olive oil. Remove. Add more olive oil and cook or reheat diced potatoes. To get crunchy, don’t turn until brown on one side. Add diced leftover corned beef, the onion and garlic mixture and if you want, chopped up cabbage. Cook until warm through. (Hot sauce here is good too.) Crack 2-4 eggs on top and place in oven until eggs cooked to your liking.
    Patient Testimonial:
    “Everything & everyone was excellent- thank you for everything.”
    A.G.E Interrupter Advanced from SkinCeuticals has 4% Blueberry extract in it. It replenishes lost moisture and nutrients to support the skin’s protective barrier and underlying protein matrix. Clinically it comforts dry, aging skin of all types. From now until the end of March, 15% off!
    Prices going up…
    It’s been many years since we last increased our prices particularly with micropeels or the lunchtime facials that have such a loyal following. I’m sure everyone can appreciate how costs of labor, materials and manufacturing have gone up. Beginning April 1st, the costs of skin care products will go up commiserative with what the companies have increased to us. We will however have deluxe samples to go with many of the skin care products during the month of April.
    On May 1st, services are going up but there will be packages for each of them to save in costs. For example, micropeels will be $130 each but a package of 3 will be $360 and a package of 6 will be $660. May’s special will be 50% off for referrals to skin care for micropeels as well as for our patient who made the referral.
    Dr. McKenna’s Skin Care routine:
    The secret to his skin appearance is that he has been using our skin care products for many years. He said, “the skin care nurses tell me what to use and how to use it and I just put it on.”
    AM routine: CE Ferulic, DOSE product customized specifically for him, and sunscreen.
    PM routine: Retin-A and TNS Advanced Serum.
    (By the way, he hasn’t had a facelift! ;))
    Healthy living,
    Peter McKenna, M.D.
    30+ Years of Improving Lives
    A Cincinnati Magazine “Top Doc” since 1998
    Allergan Top 500 Physician
    SkinCeuticals “Flagship” Practice
    (I do write all the emails and have done so since 2007. -PJM)
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