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    Workout Nutrition

    Pre Workout

    Before working out you need to prepare your body to expend energy. The most accessible is the glycogen found in our muscles and is primarily formed from broken down carbs.
    If you work out in the morning you need to replenish the depleted glycogen stores used during sleep. Ideally, this should be done 30-45 minutes before exercise.
    The best foods should be higher in simple carbs, lower in fat and fiber, and absent of extra sugars. Snack ideas include oatmeal, unflavored Greek yogurt, berries, bananas, and nuts.

    (Did You Know? One of the best recovery drinks is a cup of chocolate milk. It has carbs, proteins, balanced fat, sodium and calcium.)

    Post Workout

    Cardio-Based Workouts

    Energy, fluids and electrolytes need to be replaced depending on the length of the exercise. The heavier the cardio, the more carbs that need replaced. It’s important to ingest carbs and proteins within about 30-45 minutes upon completion of the activity.
    Suggestions for healthy carbs include:
    Bell pepper 7 gms (carbs)
    ¼ cp hummus 9 gms
    1 cp carrots 13 gms
    1 slice whole wheat toast 13 gms
    1 orange 15 gms
    1 banana 25 gms
    1 cp whole wheat pasta 30 gms
    1 cp quinoa 40 gms
    1 cp brown rice 45 gms

    Weight Training focused Workouts

    Since there is a greater demand on activating muscle fibers a higher ratio of protein to carbs is necessary to rebuild the broken down muscle tissue into larger fibers.

    Lean Protein:

    1 egg 6 gms (protein)
    1 cp low fat milk 8 gms
    2 Tbls peanut butter 8 gms
    1 cp quinoa 8 gms
    3 oz tofu 8 gms
    ½ cp cooked chickpeas 9 gms
    Plain low fat Greek yogurt 20 gms
    3 oz salmon 21 gms
    3 oz baked chicken 26 gms
    Protein powder 15-30 gms


    Water should be the go-to way of hydration unless exercising is over an hour. Hydration with Gatorade or similar is helpful when it has been over an hour to aid in replenishing not only fluids but also carbs and electrolytes.

    Rebecca Lewis, MS, RDN


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