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    Mused after watching the Kansas City Chiefs win an exciting Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers.  Are you one of the 17 million who have called in sick today?


    Augments from March 1 until June 1 will be $4995, saline or silicone.  This includes surgeon, implants, anesthesia, and facility fees.  Schedule your consultation NOW!


    The Playbook for a Longer, Healthier Life


    Well, it’s February.  How many of you made it through January with your resolution to exercise more, drink less and in general, be a better person?  Let’s simplify it and make it more attainable with some advice from Men’s Journal.


    Get Strong.

    They recommend the 3-2-1 approach.  Resistance training or cardio training 3x/week, the other twice a week and a walk, yoga, or bike ride once a week.  Take a day off to let your body rest also.


    Prioritize Sleep.

    Try to get at least 7.5 hours each night.  Troubles?  Try replacing your pillows, get a white noise machine, keep it dark in the room and keep the room cool.


    Take a Tech Break.

    During sleep or activities put out the Do Not Disturb sign.  Control your smart phone and don’t let it dictate your life.


    Eat a Legit Breakfast.

    Get your day started right (especially after exercising) with overnight oats, a healthy smoothie, or an omelet with veggies.


    (Did You Know?   Overnight oats: add equal amounts of milk, oats and low fat plain yogurt.  Then add nuts, fruit, cinnamon or other spices for flavor.  Obviously, place in fridge overnight.)


    Talk about Your Feelings.

    Friends, family and even professionals are helpful for everyone when times are tough but are also beneficial when things are going well.  Make the connection.


    Embrace Gratitude.

    Kindness and gratitude impact health on a physiological level lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system and increasing energy levels.  You will also sleep better.


    Touch Your Toes.

    Flexibility, mobility and balance improve our daily endeavors especially the older we get.


    Finish What you Start.

    This gets back to the original premise, let’s do something we can continue.  Multitasking is difficult and finishing each task nearly impossible.  Focus on one thing at a time and complete each task.  Give each one enough time to complete successfully.  It’ll take the pressure off.




    The annual “what Super Bowl commercial did you like best”?   Hard to beat Bill Murray doing his “Groundhog’s Day” routine ON GROUNDHOG’S DAY for Jeep. (The groundhog says an early spring.) Google had a winner (and tear jerker) about a man remembering his passed wife, Loretta.  And Olay and Microsoft did nice commercials empowering women in a positive way.




    The care by Dr. McKenna was the best.  I love nurses who assist and were great.  Everyone that works there makes you feel so comfortable.  Thank you very much!  -M.G.


    CoolSculpting Special!


    Get 4 cycles for price of 3. Can be used on multiple body parts or focus on one area.

    Does not have to be used in one sitting as some patients may need two cycles then a repeat.






    Our Spectrum LASER/IPL and this is what it does…

    “Tattoo Regret” immediately after the first treatment.


    HAIR:  Permanent Hair Reduction


    Hair Removal Special:  Underarm and bikini areas!  Now is the time to get started for next summer!  6 treatments are 40% off regular price for a savings of $480 and $600 respectively.  Schedule in January or February to take advantage of this discount.  Our “cool tip” minimizes discomfort.  Above the waist the treatments are every 4-6 weeks and below 8-12 weeks.  Little discomfort and quick treatments by a qualified nurse.  Call for details 513-793-5772.


    VASCULAR:  Eliminates spider veins, capillaries, and small hemangiomas of face, legs and body.


    PIGMENT:  Pigment & brown spot reduction of face, neck, decolletage, and hands.


    SKIN RESURFACING:  Facial peels improve wrinkles from “lunchtime” to complete resurfacing.


    TATTOO:  Tattoo removal, “Erase Regret”.


    ACNE:  Acne treatments for adults and teens.


    Our consultations are FREE.  Call us at 513-793-5772 to schedule yours and get the specific information for your circumstance.



    Cellfina, www.cellfina.com, is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years.  The best candidate has dimpling that is not caused by loose skin.  The benefits are a long-lasting, single, in-office treatment that usually takes under an hour.  No general anesthesia is needed and downtime is limited in most cases to the day of treatment.  96% of patients were satisfied after two years.







    Package of 3 treatments 10% off, package of 6 treatments 20% off!

    This procedure is accomplished using Dermapen, a micro-needling device that works to tighten, lift, and rejuvenate skin by stimulating factors and collagen. It is effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving brown spots, stretch marks, and scars, especially from acne. It creates channels in the skin in a controlled manner. As compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments, Dermapen does not damage the epidermis and, therefore, is safe on any skin type. It has a short treatment time with minimal discomfort and downtime. Not only is it used on the face but also the neck, hands, and other body areas


    Don’t forget LATISSE, $98 for 3ml and $159 for 5 ml!


    Healthy living,


    Peter McKenna, M.D.




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