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    Healthy Smoothies

    I just ordered a Vitamix to replace a broken blender. Am looking forward to using these suggestions from Tuft’s Health and Nutrition Letter.

    Healthy smoothies are made from fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables pureed with yogurt, milk or plant milks. Verboten are fruit-flavored syrups. Smoothies made of fruit have also the fiber which helps to keep the sugars from being absorbed too quickly in the blood system. Like fiber, healthy fats and protein can also slow digestion and sugar absorption.

    Speed and Size
    If any of you have watched Man v. Food like I do, you know that he eats as quickly as he can since at about 20 minutes, he starts becoming full. You can drink the pureed food much faster than eating it. So, keeping the size at 12-16 ounces or less will keep you from eating more unnecessary calories.

    (Did You Know? Aim for at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables each day. A recent study of over 100,000 men and women over thirty years found that those who did the above had the lowest mortality.)

    Food Swaps
    As with all “food swaps”, health benefits depend on what you are eliminating and what you are replacing it with. Also, sometimes just a change encourages you to continue to eat healthy. For example, eating a low-sugar high fiber cereal with fruit is probably not something you would exchange for a smoothie. However, if once or twice a week for variety you drank a smoothie then it may keep you from switching to a more sugary cereal from the current one.

    Personal Goals
    It may be your goal to occasionally drink a cold, fruity beverage. Or it may be your goal to eat more fruits and vegetables and a smoothie helps achieve that. Weight control is more than just counting calories. It is a complex pathway of mentally influencing our choices in a healthy way. Smoothies, done right, can be a part of this.

    Bonus: Green Smoothie
    Blend 2 cups of tropical fruit, fresh or frozen, 1 cored and roughly chopped apple, 2 cups skim or soy milk, 1 cup fresh spinach or kale, 2 Tbsp ground flaxseed and 1 tsp fresh ginger. Makes 4 servings.

    -Tuft’s Health and Nutrition Letter

    Cheek Enhancements with Voluma.
    Special now 10% off!



    One of our fillers designed to augment cheeks is Voluma.
    One syringe on each side provides a lift and enhances the cheekbone area.

    Sauteed Shallots, Peppers and Tomatoes

    This mixture of vegetables is from a lamb recipe but can be used with almost any protein and is quick and nutritious. After cooking the protein in a large pan set the protein aside to rest.

    Add two tablespoons of olive oil in pan over medium heat. Add 6 medium shallots that have been peeled and quartered. When softened in about 3 minutes, add 3 cored, halved and seeded red bell peppers. Add 3 anchovy fillets or some form of umami (fish sauce, MSG or similar). This gives a “meaty” flavor to the vegetables. After about 3 minutes add 4 small quartered tomatoes and two teaspoons of garlic (6 cloves chopped). After 2-3 minutes pour in ½ cup of red wine. Simmer until the wine cooks off and vegetables look jammy, about 5 minutes. Add to sliced protein.

    Patients can earn Alle Double Points on the JUVEDERM Collection of Fillers when they receive a JUVEDERM and BOTOX Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) treatment within the same appointment. That’s up to $180 in points earned during one transaction!


    Smart TCA peel package of three $400, regularly $450. Start NOW to get summer sun damage improved by the holidays! Contact our skin care for details. Only one per patient.

    Personalized Skin Care Products:

    We are the ONLY office with a custom DOSE machine in Cincinnati. It mixes a unique formulation of SkinCeuticals ingredients that are professionally diagnosed to address the specific needs of your skin. The specific product comes after you answer a questionnaire about your skin, goals and needs. Each bottle is $195 and lasts roughly 3 months.
    As of September 1st Botox & Fillers have new pricing…

    1st syringe of Botox – $255
    2nd syringe of Botox – $225
    3rd syringe of Botox – $195

    Take advantage of having more than one site treated!

    Juvederm Ultra Plus – $600 for the 1st syringe and $500 for the 2nd.
    Vollure – $700 for the 1st syringe and $600 for the 2nd.
    Voluma – $800 for the 1st syringe and $700 for the 2nd.


    Lastly, Dr. McKenna does all injections. He has done over 10,000 injections of fillers and 60,000 of Botox!

    Healthy living,

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    Allergan Top 500 Physician
    SkinCeuticals “Flagship” Practice

    (I do write all the emails and have done so since 2007. -PJM)
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