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    Mused after making chili and two stews.  Seemed like a winter afternoon thing to do.  Besides, I like to cook.

     Some Relationship Advice from Readers of the WSJ 

    Listen breathe, listen.

    Listen without interrupting, judging or inserting your opinion.  A deep breath dissipates cortisol our fight or flight hormone.  Emotional detachment allows better listening.

    Assume the best.

    Find the good and strength in others.  Assume what they are saying is positive.

    Prioritize your “A” team.

    Make teams out of the people in your life.  Your “A” team is your closest friends and family, “B” is friends and professional network, “C” is acquaintances.  Prioritize A over B and B over C.

    (Did You Know?  A strong, secure person has come to peace with his or her insecurities and weaknesses.)

    Mutual spoilage.

    When one spouse notices something needs to be done they do it before the other.  The only rule is that you cannot point out what you did, silence is part of the fun.

    F— it Bucket

    Sort what is important and anything that’s not falls under the f— it and into the bucket.  It’s like cleaning your mental closet.

    -Elizabeth Bernstein, WSJ


    “What through youth gave love and roses, age still leaves us friends and wine.”

    -Thomas Moore


    Leg Veins?

    Sclerotherapy improves spider veins in your legs.  It involves injecting a clotting solution or salt water solution into the superficial legs veins that have become dilated and noticeable. The legs are wrapped or put in compression stockings for a day or two.  The solution clots the veins and then the body reabsorbs them over a period of a month or two.  Winter is a great time to have it done so look your best in shorts, skirts and swim suits in the summer. Call Laura for the cost involved.  513-793-5772.


    Dry Skin? Biopelle Intensive Serum is a 10 day “boot camp” made to moisturize the driest of skins this time of year.  Normally $195, it is now $145.

    Healthy living,

    Peter McKenna, M.D.



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