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    Mused after watching The Pale Blue Eye on Netflix. Set in 1830 a murder mystery starring one of my favorite actors, Christian Bale. Also includes a fictional Edgar Allen Poe with references to some of his later writings. Excellent acting and a good story, with a surprising ending!


    Breast Augmentations for first time breast augmentation patients only between now and May 31st! $6500 for saline or $6900 for silicone implants. Also, you get a free dose of filler such as Juvederm or Botox. This special includes surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, OR fees AND implants! Schedule your consultation by May 31st and complete the surgery by June 30. Call for your complimentary consultation. Some restrictions apply.


    With many trying to lose weight this time of year, here are some help in controlling portion size. The recommendations of portion control below come from a review of 72 randomized trials.

    -Use smaller plates (9”), bowls and serving spoons.
    -Avoid eating straight from the package. My weakness is eating ice cream from the container. Most of the time I put some in a small bowl and put the rest away.
    -For foods you eat regularly like cereal or nuts, keep a cheap measuring cup or spoon in or near the package.
    -At a restaurant, choose the smallest portion. If it only comes in a large size, divide it in half and take half home.
    – For dinner, serve a single serving and leave the rest in the kitchen. Anything that makes you think twice about overeating is helpful.

    (Did You Know? Go to www.myplate.gov for more details.)

    Here are some guidelines for sizes and portions:

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    Helping Resolutions to stick:

    Tip #1 Replace the habit or activity you want to replace with something else! For example, if you want to spend less time on your phone, commit to reading a book instead of just quitting Instagram.

    Tip #2 An app called Streaks helps your to-do list by encouraging you to keep your “streak” going, a bit like a game. Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to make a big difference.


    Personalized Skin Care Products:

    When it comes to skin, one formulation does not fit all. SkinCeuticals’ CUSTOM D.O.S.E. is a professional in-office service that formulates personalized serums designed to address your unique skin concerns. Each DOSE is personalized for you and exclusive to our practice. WE ARE THE ONLY OFFICE with a DOSE machine in Cincinnati.

    Custom Dose Benefits & Ingredients:
    • Improves signs of Aging: fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texture
    • Improves signs of Discoloration: sunspots, stubborn brown patches, post-acne, dullness
    • Improves skin Clarity: appearance of imperfections

    Your Custom DOSE serum combines a personalized formulation of exfoliating, brightening, enhancing, or clarifying SkinCeuticals ingredients that is formulated and created during your appointment.

    Each bottle is $195 and lasts roughly 3 months.


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