• Need An Eye Exam?; Smiles Help Us Live Longer; “Streatery” Botox $195 for now…; Package of 3 Micropeels $235


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    Need An Eye Exam?; Smiles Help Us Live Longer; “Streatery”

     Botox $195 for now…; Package of 3 Micropeels $235


    Mused after reading about the history of “Steatery or “Streetery” now a common term for areas where food or food from trucks are served outside. The term began in Atlanta, accelerated when food trucks became popular and now we have neighborhoods where food is served along the street to minimize indoor Covid interactions. European “cafes” have utilized this outdoor socializing forever.




    Five Signs You Need an Eye Exam, Common Eye Diseases, Kids’ 20/20/20 Rule



    Most of us have reached the age (or will soon) where our vision starts to change and reading glasses are necessary.  It’s about this time that eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma become a concern and need to be checked.


    Some signs that you need an eye exam include: headaches while you work, squinting more than usual, trauma around the eye, subtle changes to your sight, and momentary loss of vision.


    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) usually occurs after age 60 and damages the macula resulting in loss to the central field of vision. About 70% is due to heredity but a healthy diet may help offset the genetics. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study found that vitamins C and E, beta carotene (found in carrots), zinc and copper reduced the risk of AMD by about 25%.


    (Did You Know?  Beside a healthy diet, exercise, watching your weight, not smoking, wearing sunglasses and of course, getting an eye exam yearly all help in taking care of your eyes.)


    The risk of glaucoma occurs after 60 and starts with loss of peripheral vision. Genetics are more involved than lifestyle. Treatment typically consists of prescription eye drops, laser therapies and surgical procedures.


    Cataracts are the result of proteins in the lens of the eye becoming damaged resulting in haziness. By age 80 more than half of Americans will have a cataract with a genetic component in 35% of cases. Lens replacement surgery is the treatment.


    For kids use the 20/20/20 rule. Take a 20 second break for every 20 minutes of screen time by looking 20 feet away.


    -Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter, Better Homes and Garden, WSJ





    Patients can earn Alle Double Points on the JUVEDERM Collection of Fillers when they receive a JUVEDERM and BOTOX Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) treatment within the same appointment. That’s up to $180 in points earned during one transaction!



    Smiling Can Help Us Live Longer


    ·    Smiling Helps Us Live Longer (happiness is the key)

    ·    Smiling relieves stress

    ·    Smiling elevates a person’s mood

    ·    Smiling is contagious

    ·    Smiling can lower blood pressure especially with a laugh

    ·    Smiling reduces pain by releasing endorphins

    ·    Smiling makes you more attractive

    ·    Smiling is a sign of confident, successful people

    ·    Smiling can influence your feelings of positivity


    Thanks Moira, Indian Hill Living Editor



    “I appreciate and compliment the entire staff. From the front desk to the surgical staff. I felt very much like I was in a hospital setting, but more intimate and private.” C.B.





    Package of three Micropeels for $235! LAST MONTH FOR THIS SPECIAL!

    Only one per patient.




    Personalized Skin Care Products:


    We are the ONLY office with a custom DOSE machine in Cincinnati. It mixes a unique formulation of SkinCeuticals ingredients that are professionally diagnosed to address the specific needs of your skin. The specific product comes after you answer a questionnaire about your skin, goals and needs. Each bottle is $195 and lasts roughly 3 months.



    Starting September 1st Botox & Fillers will have new pricing…


    1st syringe of Botox – $255

    2nd syringe of Botox – $225

    3rd syringe of Botox – $195


    Take advantage of having more than one site treated!


    Juvederm Ultra Plus – $600 for the 1st syringe and $500 for the 2nd.

    Vollure – $700 for the 1st syringe and $600 for the 2nd.

    Voluma – $800 for the 1st syringe and $700 for the 2nd.




    Lastly, Dr. McKenna does all injections. He has done over 10,000 injections of fillers and 60,000 of Botox!



    Healthy living,



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