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    Menopausal Hot Flashes

    Many women experience vasomotor symptoms commonly referred to as hot flashes because of the drop in estrogen during menopause. Symptoms have generally been accepted to last a few years. A study published in JAMA found that the duration of hot flashes is a median of 7.4 years! Also, this study found that they can last up to 14 years.

    There are some subsets that stand out. Hispanic and African American women tended to have a longer duration of symptoms. For all women with symptoms, if hot flashes started before the cessation of menstrual periods, then the median length of symptoms is increased to 11.8 years. Those who were totally post-menopausal when symptoms began had the shortest duration of symptoms with a median of 3.4 years.

    (Did You Know? Menopausal vasomotor symptoms can affect roughly 80 % of women.)

    Since the origin of hot flashes is in part from a drop in estrogen, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps many with the symptoms. The negative is that HRT causes an increase in the possibility of breast cancer and heart disease. Therefore, in general, it is recommended that the lowest dose of hormone replacement for the shortest duration be used that improves the symptoms. Some low dose anti-depressants can improve symptoms also.

    Do your Yoga pants/Swimsuits show cellulite?

    Cellfina, www.cellfina.com, is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years. The best candidate has dimpling that is not caused by loose skin. The benefits are a long-lasting, single, in-office treatment that usually takes under an hour. No general anesthesia is needed and downtime is limited in most cases to the day of treatment. 96% of patients were satisfied after two years. The cost normally is $4,000-$6,000 but the special price is $3,000 until May 1. Must schedule the procedure before May 1 and have it completed before June 1, 2019. Call 513-793-5772 for a complimentary consultation or more information.

    Before and one month post-treatment


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    1. Each $50 spent on Botox, fillers, skin care and products receives a “McKenna Butterfly”. After 20 butterflies you receive $50 off these services.
    2. You receive 10% off the surgeon’s fee for you second and subsequent surgeries.
    3. After you first surgery with us, you receive a complimentary medical facial we call a micropeel. You also receive one when you refer us a surgery patient.
    4. The first time you have Botox or fillers with us you receive a discount.
    5. Those of you who live away and are in town receive the discount whenever you are here.
    Call for details or clarification on our loyalty program.

    Microblading is a technique of applying permanent makeup to your eyebrows with individual strokes simulating individual hairs.

    Collagen Induction Therapy or microneedling reduces facial pigmentation and improves wrinkles. Want more youthful skin, fewer wrinkles, and smaller pores? Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or microneedling does just this by stimulating collagen. Similar to laser resurfacing or chemical peels without the downtime.

    Sclerotherapy improves spider veins in your legs in time for summer.
    Cryotherapy or freezing of skin brown spots often reduces the coloration and takes just a few minutes. $150 for the first 3 then $30 for each spot thereafter.


    Buy a Vitamin C serum and get 20% off cryotherapy for brown spots!

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