• Mediterranean Diet, Tasty Wines, New Specials for Fall Upper & Lower Eyelidplasty $4995, Save over $800! Liposuction 20% off Continues! CoolSculpting Save $200/Cycle Custom D*O*S*E, Personalized Correction for YOUR Skin

    Our DOSE machine mixes a unique formulation of Skinceutical ingredients that are professionally diagnosed to address the specific needs of your skin. The specific product comes after you answer a questionnaire about your skin, goals and needs. Each bottle is $195 and lasts roughly 3 months. Buy now and receive a FREE cleanser!

    Mused after enjoying a lobster bake with close friends over the weekend. Beautiful weather, good food, fire pit…almost forgot about a certain virus. Wines below were delicious and affordable.

    Your Choice:
    Due to the popularity, we will continue liposuction 20% off the surgeon’s fee. Improve contours, address all areas at one time, and recuperate over the weekend.

    Coolsculpting: Each individual cycle is $200 off!!! 8 or more are BOGO!!!
    Call Joni for details and complimentary consult. 513-793-5772.

    Bags under eyes? Others telling you that you look tired? Upper and Lower Eyelidplasty is now $4995 (normally $5825). Discounts even if you only need upper OR lower eyelid improvement.

    To accommodate you as safely as possible we will continue to offer Botox at $13/unit ($195 per syringe) and Fillers 10% off our normal rate. Dr. McKenna does the injections himself! So you get 30 years’ experience and over 50,000 syringes of Botox injected.

    FURTHER, currently save $75 on Juvederm and $50 on Botox. This is from Allergan and Brillant Distinctions so please read their terms and conditions.
    $75 Juvederm rebate link: https://savings.brilliantdistinctionsprogram.com/juvederm-it-75/
    $50 Botox rebate link: www.OwnYourLook.com/50-off/

    **Two other important factors: We do our surgeries HERE at our accredited surgery center and not at a hospital and patients who have had prior surgeries with us get a discount.

    Mediterranean Diet

    A Mediterranean-style diet has purported to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths from heart disease. A recent study from the University of Barcelona published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that those at a cardiovascular risk who followed this diet reduced their cardiovascular events by 28%.

    The major component of the Mediterranean diet is heart healthy fats especially from olive oil and nuts. Study participants were told to consume either four tablespoons daily of either extra-virgin olive oil or an ounce of nuts (walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts.)

    Other components to the study:

    At least two daily servings of vegetables, including a salad.

    At least three daily servings of fresh fruit.

    At least three weekly servings of legumes, such as beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, soybeans, and peas.

    At least three weekly meals of fish or seafood, especially salmon, tuna, or sardines.

    A sauce of tomatoes and onion, often including garlic and herbs, simmered in olive oil, at least twice a week.

    Wine with dinner, for those who drank alcohol.

    The participants were also asked to cut down on fatty and processed red meat, pastries, and fat-based spreads.


    Two wines I discovered (after extensive tastings) for the lobster bake. Myles and Moore 2018 pinot noir and Joel Gott 2019 sauvignon blanc are both at Kroger and on sale cost $12.99. Buy 6 bottles and save 10%.


    “I had a great experience! I will refer others to the facility & to Dr. McKenna. Thank you for being amazing!” A.B.

    Laura Johnson, skin care nurse

    Q: How did you come to McKenna Cosmetic Surgery?
    A: A previous patient in skincare
    Q: What area do you work in and what are your duties?
    A: Skincare, sclerotherapy (vein treatment), laser hair removal
    Q: What other jobs have you had?
    A: Waitress in college, R.N at Good Samaritan Hospital
    Q: What do you want our patients to know about what you do here?
    A: I have worked for Dr. McKenna for 12 years. I have experience with a variety of skin conditions and how to best treat them. I want you to feel confident and happy with yourself.


    New Neck Repair!
    Tripeptide-R a high performance retinol to correct neck aging. $120 and receive a free travel size Triple Lipid Restore (while supplies last).

    Mask Breakout? Our skin care specialists can help. Schedule a facial analysis and micropeel for $98. Medical and prescription skin care products do work!

    Healthy living,

    Peter McKenna, M.D.

    McKenna Cosmetic Surgery Center . 10577 Montgomery Road . Cincinnati . OH . 45242

    A Cincinnati Magazine “Top Doc” since 1998
    Allergan Top 500 Physician
    Skinceuticals “Flagship” Practice

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