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    The CDC’s Differences between the Flu/Colds and Covid-19

    Both are viral respiratory illnesses and at times can be difficult to distinguish. There are some differences to recognize. This helps in deciding when and where to seek treatment.

    Signs and Symptoms:

    Similar: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches, headache.

    Differences: Covid fever usually stronger and causing chills. Sneezing and stuffy nose more associated with colds. The wet cough usually is with a cold or flu, dry more likely with Covid. Shortness of breath, pneumonia and fever progression is associated with Covid.

    How Long after Exposure:

    The timing is usually different too. Those with the flu tend to show symptoms 1-4 days after exposure. Covid is around day 5-7 but can be as long as 14 days after exposure.
    This also means that there is a difference in how long someone can spread the virus. Since with Covid you may be contagious for a much longer time before experiencing symptoms the possibilities of spreading it are greater.

    (Did You Know? The flu shot will help reduce the possibility of getting the flu or lessen the duration and severity. This may also help in diagnosing whether you have the flu or Covid-19. But the shot will not affect your getting Covid.)

    How it is spread?

    Both are person to person, usually close contact and from droplets expressed from a cough, sneeze or talking. It may be possible through human contact or by touching a surface too.
    Covid is more contagious among certain populations and age groups which can lead to superspreading events.

    People at High Risk:

    With both, older patients, those with underlying medical conditions and pregnant women are factors. The risks of complications for healthy children is higher for flu compared with Covid. However, children with medical problems are at increased risk for BOTH!


    Both include: pneumonia, respiratory failure, fluid in lungs, infection, cardiac injury, multi-organ failure, worsening of chronic medical conditions, and secondary bacterial infections. Covid can also lead to blood clots and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.

    Approved Treatments:

    Obviously, those with a high risk of complications should be treated immediately. For those with the flu, influenza antiviral drugs are helpful. For Covid-19 patients, remdesivir is an antiviral agent that is still being explored. Mostly, it’s treating the symptoms.


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