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    Mused after helping to train our newest member Jackie Dodson. She will be doing skin care and CoolSculpting. If you have questions about either please call her. 513-793-5772.

    Jackie Dodson



    It’s great to work out whether by running, walking, weights, biking or classes. Stretching and balance are important too. About a month ago we talked about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a method of boosting your results. Today are some more simple modifications that will improve your results.


    1.  Proper technique. Sounds straight forward but it’s not. If you are unsure of a certain exercise, ask for help or YouTube it.

    2.  Change exercises regularly or at least the order of them. I do chest, back and abs one day and shoulder, arms and legs another. But I rotate each of the three because I’m more tired by the time I get to the third body part.

    3.  Mix up cardio and strength exercises. Do 20 sec of one then 10 sec of rest.

    4.  Do compound moves. Do more than one exercise at a time. Like deep knee bends into presses or with each lunge do a curl.

    5.  Balance doing your exercises. Do them on one foot, sitting on a balance ball or a Bosa ball.

    6.  Do the exertion part of the exercise quickly but the relaxation slowly. For example, with a bench press go one second up and three seconds coming down. Or go up and down then ¼ way back up and repeat.

    7.  Use different weight amounts in each hand. It confuses the muscles and helps to build them.

    8.  Use a distraction to take away boredom or fatigue like watching tv or listening to a podcast or music.

    9.  Try a new environment or place to exercise.

    10.  Get a personal trainer even if just temporary.


    And of course, make sure you have a physical to ensure your health before starting. Also, get plenty of sleep to be able to put your effort into exercising.


    -Men’s Health, Dianna Montoney – Certified Fitness Instructor


    one-month post-op


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    Homemade Sauce for Sandwiches, Burgers and Hot Dogs


    Combine various amounts of Mayo, Dijon mustard, ketchup, pickle relish (I use dill), a TBLS of Worcestershire sauce and garlic/hot sauce if you desire.



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    Studies show a 31% improvement of fine skin lines and 19% improvement of hyperpigmentation.


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    Healthy Living,


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