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    Fish Oil Supplements

    CoolSculpting Special!


    Once again I have had the privilege of being selected as a Top Doctor by Cincinnati Magazine.  They choose “top docs” by asking physicians in the greater Cincinnati area who they believe is the best in their field.  This is the 22nd year I have been selected.


    Also, this practice made the “Top 500” practices of the company Allergan Botox, fillers, implants, CoolSculpting).  This puts us in the top 1% of all clients.  It is remarkable considering that Allergan considers multiple doctor practices as one and to have a single doctor on this list means more.  This is the second time we have made this list.


    Lastly, we are one of only two practices in the state that Allergan has chosen to have your Brilliant Distinction account open automatically when you arrive here.  However you must enable the app before arriving.


    CoolSculpting Special:  Today is the beginning of Allergan’s special in conjunction with Brilliant Distinctions.  Those with a Brilliant Distinctions account with Allergan will automatically receive an email with the coupon to save $200 on 6 cycles (a cycle is one spot treated), $300 off 8 cycles and $500 off 12 cycles.  Call for details.


    CoolSculpting is a technique to freeze unwanted fat from a variety of areas.  With our “Dual Sculpting” (two machines) the time is halved and flanks or abdomen can often be done in under an hour.  The most common areas are abdomen, flank/side, thighs, hips, arms, back, under buttock, bra line and under the chin.  The fat cells are permanently removed. Best of all is that there is almost no downtime so you can resume your activities the same day!  Call Joni who has 5 years’ experience to discuss your situation 513-793-5772.




    Lower Abs and Flanks:  Before and One Month Post-Treatment



    Mused after watching the Super Bowl and especially the commercials. The best, in my opinion, was the commercial celebrating the NFL’s 100th year.  Harrison Ford’s dog ordering dog food through Alexa was very funny.


    Fish Oil Supplements


    Much like vitamins, there is no clear evidence that supplements are beneficial, especially to reduce heart disease or cancer.  There may be potential effects on what is currently being studied: depression, cognition, autism, and other conditions.


    The importance of fish oil is that two fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are involved with membranes of cells.  The human body has difficulty making them so it has to get them from diet.  EPA and DHA are found in fatty fish such as salmon.


    (Did You Know?  In the 1970’s researchers discovered that the Inuit people, whose diet consisted mostly of the fish they caught in the sea, had low rates of cardiovascular problems.)


    If you do take fish oil supplements (I do, my optometrist said it may benefit the mild dry eye I have from my contacts) make sure the package states how much EPA and DHA there is.  The supplements should not smell or taste fishy.  Side effects include heartburn, nausea, or diarrhea.  Large doses affect your body’s ability to clot and is important to be off prior to surgery or if you are on blood thinners for another reason.


    Betsy McKay, WSJ




    “You are ‘THE’ best!” -Deb




    Sun, sun, beautiful sun, and warmer weather too.  Maybe the groundhog was right Saturday and winter is almost over!




    This month’s special are products with the skin hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acids.  These include: SkinCeuticals B5 gel, Phytocorrective gel, and HA intensifier as well as SkinMedica’s HA5.  All will be 15% off.


    Healthy living,


    Peter McKenna, M.D.




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