• Fiber for Health, Sean Connery & Peter Frampton Custom D*O*S*E, Personalized Correction for YOUR Skin Eyelidplasty $4995, Over $800 off Liposuction 20% off, CoolSculpting Save More the Number of Cycles

    Mused after hearing the passing of Sir Sean Connery. While obviously most known for his James Bond movies, some of my favorite movies are Robin and Marian, The Rock, The Untouchables, and The Name of the Rose (great book too).

    Bags under eyes? Others telling you that you look tired? Upper and Lower Eyelidplasty is now $4995 (normally $5825). Discounts even if you only need upper OR lower eyelid improvement. Expires 12/1/2020.

    Your Choice:
    Liposuction is 20% off the surgeon’s fee. Improve contours, address all areas at one time, and recuperate over the weekend. OR:
    Coolsculpting: The more you purchase the better the individual price up to 50% off.
    Call Joni for details and complimentary consult. 513-793-5772.

    To accommodate you as safely as possible we will continue to offer Botox at $13/unit ($195 per syringe) and Fillers 10% off our normal rate. Dr. McKenna does the injections himself! So you get 30 years’ experience and over 50,000 syringes of Botox injected.

    Voluma filler for cheeks and chin is $100 off using one of the limited rebates we have from Allergan. Cheek enhancement or chin reshaping.

    **Two other important factors: We do our surgeries HERE at our accredited surgery center and not at a hospital and patients who have had prior surgeries with us get a discount.

    Health Benefits of Fiber

    Fiber is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers but are YOU getting enough? In general, men should have at least 28 grams per day and women 22. Fiber also helps to minimize constipation, helps irritable bowel syndrome, and reduces the risks of diverticular disease and hemorrhoids.

    There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Soluble attracts water and turns to gel during digestion to slow down the rate of your stomach emptying. This gives more time to extract nutrients and you feel full longer. This is found primarily in oat bran, barley, nuts, beans, peas, carrots, apples, and other fruits and vegetables.

    Insoluble fiber adds bulk and helps food pass more quickly (think Metamucil). Foods that provide this include wheat bran, vegetables, and whole grains.

    (Did You Know? Fiber passes through your stomach and small intestine into your colon almost unchanged (absorbed or digested.) This is why when counting carbs you can subtract the grams of fiber to calculate “net carbs”.)

    There are easy ways to add more fiber to your diet. Start your day with whole-grain toast or English muffins. Bran cereal and oatmeal topped with berries are another option. For lunch, 100% whole wheat bread is again helpful. Add veggies to the sandwich and finish lunch with a piece of fruit like an apple. For dinner add more vegetables, change to brown rice and substitute beans for some of your meat dishes.

    Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter


    Speaking of celebrities, there’s a new book out on musician Peter Frampton. He lived in Cincinnati for a while. In fact, while watching one of my daughters cheer during a high school football game, I had the feeling someone was watching me. So I turned and right next to me looking up (he’s not very tall) was what looked like an elderly, balding man. I returned to watching the cheerleading when it dawned on me it was Peter Frampton himself. Not quite the long haired, young rock star of my album cover, Frampton Comes Alive, but the reality of one’s idols as they age. This includes my Mom and Dad.

    Mask Breakout? Our skin care specialists can help. Schedule a facial analysis and micropeel for $98. Medical and prescription skin care products do work!

    WE ARE THE ONLY OFFICE with a DOSE machine in Cincinnati. It mixes a unique formulation of Skinceutical ingredients that are professionally diagnosed to address the specific needs of your skin. The specific product comes after you answer a questionnaire about your skin, goals and needs. Each bottle is $195 and lasts roughly 3 months.

    Healthy living,

    Peter McKenna, M.D.

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