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    Mused after watching some of “March Madness”, the college basketball tournament that determines the best team.  68 teams started and 17 million predictions were sent to ESPN.  After only 2 days of playing and 32 teams left, only 9 people picked all the winning teams.  No one has ever picked all the winners.

     Eggs and Cardiovascular disease

    A new study by researchers at Northwestern University after analyzing over 29,000 U.S. adults has concluded that eggs may not be so good for you after all.  They found a direct correlation between the number of eggs eaten per week and the incident rate of cardiovascular disease.

    They found that eating 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day is associated with a 17% higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease and an 18% greater risk of death from any cause.  Consuming two eggs daily increases these figures to 27% higher chance of cardiovascular disease and a 34% of death from any cause.

     (Did You Know?  Each large egg has 187 milligrams of cholesterol.)

     It is important to remember that eggs provide choline an essential amino acid.  The cholesterol is in the egg yolk so egg whites may be an option too.



    CoolSculpting Swimsuit Boot Camp Private Consultations


    Bring your swimsuit with you and let our Coolsculpting Specialist help you get ready for a perfect fit by summer!  Complimentary consultations and special pricing THIS DAY ONLY!  Joni will develop a customized plan to treat your stubborn bulges and have that suit look great on you by summer.


    -Free 30 minute consultations 

    -Private, customized treatment plan 

    -Special Pricing 

    -10am to 6pm Tuesday, April 2nd

    CoolSculpting is a technique to freeze unwanted fat from a variety of areas.  With our “Dual Sculpting” (two machines) the time is halved and flanks or abdomen can often be done in under an hour.  The most common areas are abdomen, flank/side, thighs, hips, arms, back, under buttock, bra line and under the chin.  The fat cells are permanently removed. Best of all is that there is almost no downtime so you can resume your activities the same day!  Call Joni who has 5 years’ experience to discuss your situation 513-793-5772.

    Lower Abs and Flanks:  Before and One Month CoolSculpting Post-Treatment

    This “Treat to Complete” promo below ends March 31, 2019 and you must claim your rebate by then.  The rebate coupon can be used until June 30, 2019.  Call for details.



      ***Breast Augmentations on new patients between March 1 and May 31 are just $4995!  This includes surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and OR fees AND implants!  Schedule your consultation by May 31 and complete the surgery by June 30.  Some restrictions apply.  Call for your complimentary consultation.***

     Do your Yoga pants/Swimsuits show cellulite?

    Cellfina, www.cellfina.com, is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years.  The best candidate has dimpling that is not caused by loose skin.  The benefits are a long-lasting, single, in-office treatment that usually takes under an hour.  No general anesthesia is needed and downtime is limited in most cases to the day of treatment.  96% of patients were satisfied after two years.  The cost normally is $4,000-$6,000 but the special price is $3,000 until May 1.  Must schedule the procedure before May 1 and have it completed before June 1, 2019.  Call 513-793-5772 for a complimentary consultation or more information.

    Before and one month post-treatment




    Cincinnati Reds baseball opening day is Thursday!  The weather is supposed to be great.  Good time to see the parade before the game even if you don’t have tickets to the game.


    Microblading is a technique of applying permanent makeup to your eyebrows with individual strokes simulating individual hairs.


    Collagen Induction Therapy or microneedling reduces facial pigmentation and improves wrinkles.


    Sclerotherapy improves spider veins in your legs.


    Cryotherapy or freezing of skin brown spots often reduces the coloration and takes just a few minutes.  $150 for the first 3 then $30 for each spot thereafter.




    Buy a Vitamin C serum and get 20% off cryotherapy for brown spots!


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