• High Blood Pressure Specials on Breast Augmentation and CoolSculpting Botox Day Tomorrow May 21 Fewer Wrinkles than Your Sister or Friends!

    Botox Day is Tuesday, May 21 with discounts on Botox and fillers such as Juvederm. Botox is $13/unit or $195/syringe (normally $16/unit and $240/syringe). Fillers are 10% off our regular price. Juvederm is the most common filler for “raising” facial wrinkles. Voluma is an injectable filler that augments and lifts the cheeks and Volbella and Vollure subtly augment the lips and improve perioral wrinkles.

    Special Botox offer from Allergan this month starts by saving $50 off getting two sites treated on your first visit. Then there are savings 3 and 6 months after that. Finally a complimentary treatment on your fourth treatment. Call for details. 513-793-5772.

    ***Breast Augmentations on new patients between NOW and May 31 are just $4995! This includes surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and OR fees AND implants! Schedule your consultation by May 31 and complete the surgery by June 30. Some restrictions apply. Call for your complimentary consultation.***

    Mused after watching Game of Thrones. NO spoilers here but there was a reunion of boy and his dog (direwolf)! My dog, Ghost, got his name from the white wolf in the show. Tomorrow is my Ghost’s third birthday.

    High Blood Pressure

    One in three American adults has high blood pressure or hypertension. It is called the “silent killer” because it increases death without causing any notable symptoms. Smoking, physical inactivity, drinking too much alcohol, consuming too much sodium, diabetes, obesity and others diseases increase the risk of hypertension.

    A new standard has been adopted for diagnosing and treating hypertension. Normal is now less than 120 mmHg systolic and less than 80 mmHg diastolic. Elevated is 120-129 systolic and less than 80 diastolic. Stage one is 130-139 systolic or 80-89 diastolic. Stage two, hypertensive urgency and hypertensive emergency are the remaining categories. The guidelines spell out that anyone with stage two or above need medical treatment.

    (Did You Know? Blood pressure is the force that blood exerts on the blood vessels. The systolic number is the pressure when the heart beats, the diastolic is between beats.)

    Seven in 10 adults with hypertension use medication to treat it. Lifestyle changes can make a difference in most cases. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fish and limiting drinking to two or fewer for men and one or fewer for women can help. Physical activity including three days of 30 minutes/day of aerobic exercise and 30 minutes of resistance exercise has shown to lower blood pressure.

    It is now easier than ever to check your blood pressure and discuss the findings as well as treatment options with your family physician.

    From Cleveland Clinic, Men’s Health Advisor and Tuft’s Health & Nutrition Letter


    Coolsculpting Special for May is 20% off the areas of tummy and flanks.

    Lower Abs and Flanks: Before and One Month CoolSculpting Post-Treatment


    Lamb chops last night grilled with grilled asparagus. Easy recipe: whisk 1/3 cup olive oil with 3 tablespoons of rosemary, 3 tablespoons garlic, 1 tablespoon pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes. Apply to lamb and let marinate. Salt (just a little, see above high blood pressure) and pepper prior to grilling. Rotate every couple of minutes until internal temperature is 145 degrees.


    Everyone was beyond accommodating, professional, kind and comforting. They made this experience much better than I expected. -Amy


    1. Each $50 spent on Botox, fillers, skin care and products receives a “McKenna Butterfly”. After 20 butterflies you receive $50 off these services.
    2. You receive 10% off the surgeon’s fee for you second and subsequent surgeries.
    3. After you first surgery with us, you receive a complimentary medical facial we call a micropeel. You also receive one when you refer us a surgery patient.
    4. The first time you have Botox or fillers with us you receive a discount.
    5. Those of you who live away and are in town receive the discount whenever you are here.
    Call for details or clarification on our loyalty program.

    Microblading is a technique of applying permanent makeup to your eyebrows with individual strokes simulating individual hairs.

    Collagen Induction Therapy or microneedling reduces facial pigmentation and improves wrinkles. Want more youthful skin, fewer wrinkles, and smaller pores? Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or microneedling does just this by stimulating collagen. Similar to laser resurfacing or chemical peels without the downtime.

    Sclerotherapy improves spider veins in your legs in time for summer.
    Cryotherapy or freezing of skin brown spots often reduces the coloration and takes just a few minutes. $150 for the first 3 then $30 for each spot thereafter.


    The sun is back 😉 Sunscreens are 20% off!

    Healthy living,

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