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    Mused after putting together an easy, refreshing summer cocktail. Add two parts bourbon, one part lemon juice (preferably fresh), one part maple simple syrup (microwave maple syrup and water 50:50 mixture in microwave for two minutes to combine) AND ½ part limoncello (a delightful Italian liquor, great on its own). Shake with ice and add to glass with fresh ice. 


    Berries and Things You Don’t Know About Them (Recipes further down)

    Berries are a good source of fiber, nutrients and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are plant compounds that are active in our bodies. They may help through their antioxidant activity. This may contribute to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

    Frozen and dried berries are often a more convenient choice. Fresh berries don’t ripen much after picking so choose the ones that are richly colored, firm, and dry. Refrigerate fresh berries and wash just before use.


    Ways to include berries throughout the day: parfait, cereals (my favorite), pancakes and waffles, salads, fruit spread, granola, frozen yogurt, infused water and just plain.


    -Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter


    (Did You Know? One of the chief benefits of berries is that we eat both the fruit and the seeds. Botanically speaking, grapes, tomatoes, kiwis, and bananas are berries, while strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are not!)




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    Juicy summer strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries aren’t just for desserts or topping your oatmeal. They make excellent and refreshing additions to any meal. Here are 10 of Food & Wine‘s best recipes for incorporating bright, bursting berries into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    For Breakfast:

    1. Very Berry Polenta Breakfast Bowl

    A great alternative to a traditional oatmeal breakfast, this berry polenta breakfast bowl is equally warm, satisfying and fresh.

    2. Spiced Strawberries with Yogurt

    Heidi Swanson says this breakfast salad is all about the berries—if the strawberries aren’t great, consider swapping with another berry, such as blackberries.

    For Lunch:

     3. Melon, Berry and Feta Salad

    Superstar chef Jenn Louis uses whatever melon looks best at the market, and she sometimes swaps out the feta for ricotta salata, or the chives for mint.

    4. Grilled Ham and Cheese with Strawberry-Red-Wine Jam

    The secret to Chris Kronner’s delectable sandwiches is the jam spiked with Pinot Noir.

    5. Warm Chanterelle-and-Berry Salad with Cheddar

    Because Vermont’s growing season is so short, chef Eric Warnstedt seizes on prime ingredients with remarkable gusto. Here, he takes advantage of chanterelle mushrooms and berries to create a simple but dazzling salad that he pairs with one of his favorite local cheeses, the artisanal, aged Cabot Clothbound Cheddar.

    For Dinner: 

    6. Grilled Short Ribs with Smoky Blackberry Barbecue Sauce

    This delicious barbecue sauce gets its smoky flavor from berries that are grilled in a perforated pan; you can use sturdy foil or a foil pan with holes punched in instead. Chipotle chillies packed in adobo amplify the smokiness of the berries.

    7. Pork with Strawberry-Herb Sauce

    Luscious herb-scented pork gets a subtle sweetness from jam.

    8. Grilled Lamb Chops with Blackberry Relish

    Although berries and lamb are classic Scottish partners, this sweet-tart relish is also great with grilled pork, duck, beef or venison.

    For Dessert: 

    9. Summer Berry Clafoutis

    This flourless dessert is more like a delicate custard with fruit than like the usual sturdy country clafoutis.

    10. Blackberry Soup with Peaches and Berries

    Try this luscious fruit soup as a refreshing alternative to a rich dessert. Serve with your favorite crisp cookies.


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