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    8 Soft Signs You Might Need More Carbs

    (This comes from a couple of registered dieticians. Not a lot of science but some is common sense)

    1. Fatigue and Brain Fog. Carbs provide the body’s fuel, glucose, and if there’s not enough, fatigue and mental exhaustion may occur.
    2. Junk food cravings. Since most junk foods are carbohydrates, they become more attractive if your body needs more.
    3. Headaches. Low blood sugar can trigger headaches.
    4. Bloating and constipation. Fruits and vegetables are our main source of fiber so even restricting “good” carbs can lead to a slowing of our GI tract.

    (Did You Know? When I was running marathons, I would eat a bagel, yogurt, banana, and drink carbohydrates prior to the race.)

     Mood swings. If our hypothalamus (which also controls mood and temperature) does not get enough glucose it produces more hunger hormone resulting in the “hangries”.       (I’m a culprit)

    1. Feeling cold. See the hypothalamus explanation above.
    2. Bad breath. With too few carbs, the body relies on fatty acids for fuel. This can lead to halitosis from a by-product from the breakdown of ketones (fatty acids).
    3. Workout drama. If you don’t have enough glucose in your system, your body won’t have enough energy for a successful workout. Eat or drink some carbs prior to your workout.


     The heat of the summer lends itself to less cooking inside and eating cooler foods, vice versa in the winter. To take this further, some people like cold beets and some will only eat them warm (and some just don’t like them;). An interesting article by Bee Wilson pointed out that “thoughtful cooking is about finding the right temperature for each element in a meal”. Something to ponder when deciding how to eat fried chicken. Yum.


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