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    Mused after watching the murder mystery Knives Out at a local theater.   Will keep you guessing until the very end.  Many stars involved.  Still hard to listen to James Bond with a southern accent.

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     Say No to Negativity-go on a low-bad diet…

    Known as the negativity bias, negative events affect us more strongly than positive ones.  In fact, a rule of thumb (by the author), is that it takes FOUR good things to overcome one bad thing.  Think about your own life when the pain of criticism stung more than the pleasure of praise.

    Our brain’s negativity bias has evolved because it is a survival mechanism.  To survive our ancestors paid more attention to threats than the good things in life.  While the bias is useful, it is not as applicable in today’s world.

    (Did You Know?   While the article didn’t discuss it, sleep is greatly affected by cares and worries.  It’s difficult in the middle of the night to switch focusing on a worry to something positive that is happening in our lives.)

    What do we do to counteract negative thinking?

    Avoid the bad.  It is far more important than doing good.  In successful marriages, people often overlook their spouse’s flaws maintaining “positive illusions”.

    Plan on at least four compliments to make up for one hit of criticism.

    Use bad moments to teach or motivate whenever possible.  Penalties motivate spurring students and workers to improve.  Many psychologists regret the “self-esteem movement” where everyone gets a trophy and grade inflation is rampant.  It does little for learning how to live in the real world.

    Capitalize on good moments and then relive them.  As Mark Twain once wrote, “To get the full value of a joy, you must have somebody to divide it with.”  One reason that happiness increases beyond middle age is that older people spend more time savoring good memories instead of obsessing about today’s worries.

    Lastly, see the big picture.  Just about every measure of human welfare is improving except hope.  Global poverty rates have declined by two thirds in recent decades, crime has plummeted in the U.S. and everyone seems to have things that were once considered luxuries like cell phones.

    One final thought is to turn off the negative.  Once in a while, stop listening to the news or programs that provide negativity.  It’s okay to sit and ponder the wonderful things each of us has in our lives and to share it with others.


     What shows are you currently watching?  This seems to be a popular question with the advent of streaming beyond Netflix.  I’m up to date on Mrs. Maisel, Lost in Space, and Ray Donovan.  I like to hear what others are watching since there is no universal guide to keep track of shows (remember TV Guide?)


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