• Positive Life Affirmations XII- History Coffee & Hard Seltzer: Lubricating Socializing

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    A brief history of two entirely different drinks that share one common purpose.


    What is the world’s most popular mind-altering drug, used by roughly 90% of the planet and the only one we routinely serve children? Yep, 500 year old coffee. Native to Ethiopia, Sulfi monks in Yeomen probably were there first to consume the brewed form. In 1511 officials in Mecca were suspicious of the effects and banned coffee. From here it follows the path of science and medicine. They were the fields that tried to explain the effects not unlike alcohol. Caffeine was isolated in Germany in 1819. Samuel Prescott ran a Coca-Cola study in the 1920’s that concluded caffeine increased the body’s capacity for muscle or cognitive work within 15 minutes of consumption. Today it is still used for this but as Howard Schultz so adroitly observed and then developed Starbucks, it is a lubricant for social interactions (which we crave now more than ever.)


    Hard seltzer has been around since 2012. Nick Shields worked for a beer company noticed women drinking vodka and soda. He and a partner developed a product called SpikedSeltzer which eventually led to WhiteClaw and Truly. Hard seltzers lean into the younger consumers’ idea that they are only going to eat or drink things that are healthy. The seltzers profess low calorie, low sugar, low carb, and even gluten-free. Health advisors point out seltzers are still alcohol. The newest generation of these drinks comes in the form of Bud Light Seltzer. In fact, they are spending $100,000,000 to advertise it.


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