• Grains, Salute the Kernel Botox WEEK, Yes, WEEK, This WEEK!!! Summer Specials on Coolsculpting, Fillers and Micropeels

    Botox Day is tomorrow, July 16 BUT WE WILL BE HAVING SOME HOURS EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!! We will have discounts on Botox and fillers such as Juvederm.  Botox is $13/unit or $195/syringe (normally $16/unit and $240/syringe). Fillers are $100 off our regular price.  Juvederm is the most common filler for “raising” facial wrinkles.  Voluma is an injectable filler that augments and lifts the cheeks and Volbella and Vollure subtly augment the lips and improve perioral wrinkles.


    Mused after watching Djokovic defeat Federer at Wimbledon in an epic 5 set match.


    Grains; Benefits & Info


    Grains are associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, esophageal and colon cancers, diverticular disease, and death from all causes.  It has been suggested that whole grains can help weight.


    Grains are made up of four parts: the inedible hull, bran (adds a dose of fiber and B vitamins), endosperm (houses starches and proteins), and the germ which like the yoke of an egg has protein, vitamins and minerals.


    (Did You Know?   Three ways to better cook grains:  don’t rinse; different grains require different amounts of water-just cover every grain with two inches of water and when done dump into a mesh strainer to remove extra water; and check doneness as it should feel slightly chewy.)


    Some common grains:


    Qiunoa- Grown in the Andes Mountains, it has all the essential amino acids so is a completer plant-based protein.

    Teff- Hails from Ethiopia and has minerals such as manganese, iron and zinc.

    Freekeh- When framers reap durum wheat before it’s fully mature, sun-dry the seeds and burn away the hulls.  Can have double the protein and 4x the fiber of brown rice.

    Farro- Around since the Roman Empire, it is similar to quinoa for protein and fiber.

    Spelt-Similar to farro but a tougher bran layer makes it better for grin based salads while farro is better for risotto and stews.


    Twelve grain bowl toppers:  soft-boiled egg, avocado, roasted red pepper, feta cheese, watercress, chili-garlic sauce, radishes, carrots, pepitas, red cabbage, pesto, and bean sprouts.


    – Tuft’s Health & Nutrition Letter, Men’s Health Magazine.


    Shhhh, Summer Secret, No one needs to know you have had Coolsculpting AND 25% off July and August.


    This is a secret you will want to share because it can get you FREE CoolSculpting!

    As you know, Coolsculpting is a non-invasive way to lose stubborn fat. It is one of the procedures that can be done in any season as it has little to no downtime.  And for the remainder of July, when you tell a friend about Coolsculpting and they schedule a treatment, you will be registered to win some Coolsculpting for yourself.  For each friend that schedules, you will be entered again. The more friends you send, the greater your chances of winning. You can pick your area: arms, flanks, under the chin, upper or lower abdomen, inner thighs, or banana roll! (Up to 4 cycles).  You and your friend will also receive 25% off of your treatment and a Summer Secret Swag Bag. Call today for your complimentary consult.  A secret worth sharing!



    Abdomen:  Before and One Month CoolSculpting Post-Treatment




    It’s the peak of vacation season and just a reminder to use sunscreen with reapplications every two hours.  We have many products here but basically use a spf of 30 or higher, sun “blocks” work best, and there’s no substitute for wearing a hat or protective clothing.




    Thank you for a smooth and stress free surgery experience.  Your entire team is outstanding.  Every step of the entire process was seamless.  Thank you!  -Gwen


    $100 off each syringe of fillers until September 1!!!  Juvederm, Vollure, Voluma, and Volbella can be used for wrinkle elevation, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement and in select cases minor nose correction, chin augmentation, and earlobe plumping.




    NEW SKIN CARE PATIENTS TREATED IN JULY AND AUGUST ARE HALF OFF WITH OUR NEW SKIN CARE NURSE LAURA.  (Normally $98 for a micropeel, $49 treated in July and August.)


    OUR ANNUAL MICROPEEL SPECIAL, 3 for $235.  Micropeels are individually $98.  Limit one package of three per patient.


    Latisse for eyelash enhancement is $98 for 3ml and $159 for 5 ml.


    Healthy living,


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