Sous Vide Steaks to Tenderize, then Sear!  Recipe Below

     New Facial Filler, Volux, for jawline and chin enhancement, see pictures!

     CoolSculpting Up to 50% Off, Call Jackie! Pictures Below

     Glenlaurel Inn, An Easy Hocking Hills Getaway

     Skin Care Mother’s Day Specials and Skin Care Update

     Breast Augmentation Special with Free Juvederm filler or Botox, LAST MONTH!

     EXTRA! Tom Cruise and Comedian James Corden in Lion King, REALLY:


    Mused after spending a couple of days at Glenlaurel Inn in Hocking Hills.  An easy two-hour drive, Glenlaurel has rooms and various cottages.  They offer good food and trails for walking or hiking.  No televisions and spotty cell service which are reasons to visit.  A couple of days in nature revives the soul.


    There are mainly two reasons why women metabolize alcohol differently from men.  This means that when drinking the same amount of alcohol over the same time, women will feel drunk faster than men.

    An enzyme call alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) helps break down alcohol but women have less of it in their stomachs and lower ADH activity in their livers, meaning they can’t process alcohol as quickly.

    The second reason is that women tend to have less body water and a higher percentage of body fat.  Alcohol is highly soluble in water but not in fat so women end up with a higher blood-alcohol concentration.

     (Did You Know?   Moderate drinking for women is considered one drink per day defined as 12 ounces of 5% beer, 5 ounces of 12% wine or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits.)

     Heavy drinking in women has been shown to reduce the chance of becoming pregnant.  Also, there is no known amount of alcohol during pregnancy that is safe and it is proven that heavy drinking causes birth defects.

    -Wine Spectator Magazine


     Not ready for a facelift but noticing jawline sagging?

    Want your chin to be more pronounced?

    Here are the areas to be helped:

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     Breast Augmentations on new patients between now and May 31 are just $6900 for silicone and $6500 for saline implants!  Also, you get a free dose of filler such as Juvederm or Botox.  This includes surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and OR fees AND implants!  Schedule your consultation by May 31 and complete the surgery by June 30.  Some restrictions apply.  Call for your complimentary consultation.


    Call Jackie at 513-793-5772 for details and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

    Pre and one-month post-CoolSculpting of Abs and Flanks



    Sous Vide Flat Iron Steak with Marinade


    Place steak (I like flat iron but you can use skirt steak or flank steak) and marinade with ½ cup of low sodium soy sauce, a quarter cup of red wine, 2 Tbls. of olive oil, two minced cloves of garlic and a tsp. of ginger in a sealable plastic bag.  Let marinate for a couple of hours.  If you have vacuum seal packaging place the steak bag in this.  Otherwise place sealable plastic bag in warm water and close since the warm water will remove most of the air.  Set immersion cooker to about 5 degrees less than the final cooking temperature.  If you want your steak at medium rare, the cooker to 120-125 degrees.  Cook for 1-2 hours depending on type and thickness of steak.  This tenderizes it!  Take out, salt and pepper and place steak on a very hot skillet or grill for just a couple of minutes to sear each side.  Let rest for about 10 minutes under foil.

    Just char after cooking sous vide to tenderize the meat


     Skin Care Special:

     This Mother’s Day why not pamper mom with a special spa experience?  She will enjoy a 90-minute facial that includes a customized anti-aging vitamin C mask; hand, eye and lip treatments and facial massage with a special gift.  $165 (normally $195)

     Prices going up…

     On May 1st, services went up but there will be packages for each of them to save in costs.  For example, micropeels will be $130 each but a package of 3 will be $360 and a package of 6 will be $660.  May’s special will be 50% off for referrals to skin care for micropeels as well as for our patient who made the referral.  For new skin care patients.


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