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    Tips to Get the Most Out of Mental Health Therapy

    There are many reasons to seek therapy. The stigma is slowly waning as it becomes more public and acceptable. Chemical imbalances, divorce, traumatic events and depression are a small number of reasons. Whatever it is, here are some tips to get the most out of therapy by a Harvard psychiatrist.

    1. Choose your therapist carefully. Look for a counselor who specializes in your particular problem. Get a sense of your mutual comfort and rapport. You need someone you can spend time with and trust.
    2. Treat therapy as teamwork. Initially, you’ll have to lead the discussion. But as time goes on, the therapist will help guide, pose questions and offer suggestions.
    3. Be vulnerable. You need to be willing to fully open up about your experiences and feelings. You need to share things that may be embarrassing, painful, or depressing.

    (Did You Know? An estimated 58 million American adults live with some form of mental difficulty.)

    1. Take any prescribed medication. Ask about side effects, risks, benefits and work with your clinician to make the best choice.
    2. Define success. Setting goals with your therapist will help to move forward. Progress isn’t always linear either. Constructing thought patterns and behaviors can lead to healthier living. Think through where you want to be in the end.
    3. Be patient. Therapy can take months or years. Woody Allen is still at it despite starting as a young man and is now in his eighties.

    -Dr. Arthur Barsky, psychiatrist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Women’s Health Watch

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