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    Mused after… learning the “Twist Test” to determine if running shoes are ready for retirement. Dr. Nicole Freels, a podiatrist in Lexington, says to “take the heel of the shoe with one hand and the toe with the other and twist it.” If there’s any bend in the midfoot or arch then very few runners could use the shoes long term.


    It’s one thing to fall in love, but quite another to maintain it. With summer here it’s a good time to reexamine what keeps long-lasting, happy relationships together.

    One theory originates from married psychologists Arthur and Elaine Aron who published their study in 1995. It concluded that the students at a university who were in love offered a list of personal characteristics that grew 20%, as opposed to those not in love and characteristics shrank, a loss of self-esteem. They called this “self-expansion”.

    Self-expansion comes with blissful ease in the first flush of romance. Think about all you learn from each other. What’s more invigorating than being seen and appreciated by a fresh set of adoring eyes? The challenge is maintaining it. We not only tire of our partners, we’re tired of ourselves in the partnership.

    (Did You Know? In the U.S. 13% of all first marriages end within five years and around 30% within 20 years.)

    Self-expansion isn’t simply a luxury of youthful courtship but an essential feature of any satisfying long-term relationship. Studies show that people who see their romantic relationships as exciting were less likely to react to photos of attractive strangers. Relationships that offer personal growth can also improve our health by reducing stress and are reported to have fewer physical symptoms. Sharing new experiences and activities increases physical desire in long-term relationships.

    Our relationships, partners, and selves may be better off when we embrace the idea that romantic love is a dynamic process that evolves as we grow. To keep things fresh, why not try something different? Even if it doesn’t go the way you hoped, you will feel closer for having gotten through it together.

    -David Robson, WSJ

    Some fun summer cocktails, keeping them lower alcohol
    (I’ve given the ingredients. It’s up to your taste buds to decide the amounts of each.)

    Aperol, prosecco and soda water
    Champagne and black currant liqueur crème de cassis (a Kir Royale, trumps your flush)
    Lemonade, vodka and soda water
    Campari, sweet vermouth and prosecco or soda water
    Lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco
    Campari and orange juice (a Garibaldi, great name?!)
    Lager beer and lemonade
    St. Germaine, white wine and soda water
    Campari, white wine and soda water

    Add lots of ice.

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