• RUCKING, AN EXERCISE YOU’VE ALREADY DONE, DO IT NOW AS AN ADULT Save 20% When You and a Friend Both Have Surgery, See Below Bacon, Bacon, Bacon; It Makes Everything Better; 25 Recipes Free Consultations, Surgery Financing 3, 6, 12 months NO Interest Penicillin Allergy? Probably Not and It’s Important to Know for Infections McKenna Membership Rewards (MMR), 20 Butterflies Saves $50

    Mused after reading a recent UK study that found that 90% of patients with the label of penicillin allergy did not have the allergy after properly tested. Since patients with the diagnosis of a penicillin allergy were not treated with the best antibiotic for certain infections, this equated in an extra 6 per 1000 deaths from the infection. In 1928 Sir Alexander Flemming, a Scottish bacteriologist founded penicillin in London. If concerned of being labeled with a penicillin allergy, be sure to see an allergist.

    Rucking, The Exercise of walking with a Weighted Backpack or Vest

    Anyone who has walked with a backpack full of books has already tried an exercise routine catching fire in the fitness world. Rucking involves walking with a weighted backpack or vest. It is an easy way to boost your cardio and muscular strength without taxing the joints. Since it’s walking, it’s more social and less competitive than other fitness options.

    Weight is the great equalizer. A 70-year-old can carry a 5-pound pack while a 26-year-old can walk with 50 pounds. It is scalable for all ages and fitness levels.

    (Did You Know? Dr. Peter Attia, who specializes in longevity, largely frames his and devotees, to strength training around improving their ability to carry things.)

    Technically any backpack will do as will any load. From books to water bottles, dumbbells, stone pavers and sand all can be placed in a backpack. If you stick with it, custom made backpacks or vests (which provide more even distribution of the weight) can be purchased on Amazon or Dick’s sporting Goods.

    It’s important to pack light as first and progress slowly. Well-padded back packs can decrease stress on shoulders, neck and upper back (or again try a weight vest). The other key is to maintain good posture. Keep your shoulders pulled back. Poor form usually stems from a pack that is too heavy.

    -Jen Murphy, WSJ

    2 for 20%

    You and a Friend,
    You and your Sister,
    Mother, Husband, Neighbor,
    Tennis Partner, Hair Stylist,*

    You Get the Idea

    Save 20% off the Surgeon’s Fee when the 2 of you
    Both have surgery between October 1 and December 31, 2023
    (Some restrictions apply, call 513-793-5772 to schedule)

    *Dentist, waiter, mayor, plumber, bartender, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, or Elon Musk.

    Bacon 25 Ways by Mark Bittman
    He wrote How To Cook Anything. My Dad learned to cook at age 80 from this book.

    McKenna Membership Rewards entitles you to a “butterfly stamp” for every $50 you spend on goods, services, and injectables (surgery and some procedures are not included.) For every 20 butterflies you receive $50 off on your next purchase. Call us for more details.

    Smart TCA Peel:
    Single treatment: $175, normally $200
    Package of three: $500, normally $550

    Monthly Payment Plans for Surgeries, Skincare and Injectables Through CareCredit, Call Us for Details. Currently, no interest on 3, 6, or 12 month plans.

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