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    Nitrates in cured meats such as bacon, hot dogs, and cold cuts have been linked to some cancers. There are health benefits from nitrates in beets and other vegetables.

    Nitrates are compounds made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Most come from plants such as leafy greens, beets and celery. They are added to processed meats as a preservative or to enhance flavor, color and texture.

    The good from plant nitrates is that when we eat them our body converts them to nitric oxide, which has been shown to help regulate blood pressure and improve circulation. They tend to also be antioxidants and potential anti-inflammatory compounds.

    (Did You Know? Processed meats include: fast food burgers, bacon, sausages, salami (perhaps worst of all), corned beef, jerky, hot dogs, lunch meat, and even chicken nuggets! They can have as much as 400% more sodium than unprocessed meats too.)

    The bad part of nitrates occurs when they are combined with proteins amino acids to form nitrosamines. These have been associated with stomach and colorectal cancers. They may also increase heart disease and diabetes. A World Health Organization report found that eating about 5 slices of bacon a day would increase your risk of cancer by 18%. New York City is eliminating processed meats in public schools and hospitals by 2025.

    Consuming vitamin C and other antioxidant rich foods can help block the production of nitrosamines. Manufacturers are starting to add vitamin C to cured meats. Avoiding higher temperatures may reduce nitrosamine formation also. The best way of limiting nitrosamines is to just reduce the amount of processed meats in your diet.

    I typically eat Boar’s Head meats which are minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no antibiotics. Also depends on the type of meat. Oh, and I love a good pepperoni pizza! Maybe just not everyday😉

    -Eatingwell.com, WSJ, MDAnderson.org


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