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    Mused after looking at the number of restaurant gift certificates I received around the holidays (yes, I’m difficult to buy for.) Now is a great time to use them and get out of the house. Seasonal affective disorder (an email in a couple of weeks) is ramping up now that the holidays are over. On weekdays many restaurants also have discounts on appetizers, wines, cocktails, etc.

    Caffeine: perks, perils of when and how much to use.

    Caffeine can give us a boost, but too much can make us jittery and interfere with sleep. Government and health groups recommend adults consume no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. In general, that is about four 8-ounce cups of coffee. (No, that 20-ounce Starbucks Venti doesn’t count as one cup of coffee.)

    Americans consume about 200 mg. of caffeine a day and Europeans about 270 mg. About 100-150 mg. of caffeine will give us a boost according to a study on brain activity but varies person to person. The effects kick in about 5 minutes after consumption and increase for between 15 and 120 minutes.

    (Did You Know? An 8-oz, brewed coffee from Starbucks contains 180 mg of caffeine. A single espresso and espresso-based drinks contain 75 mg, while an 8-oz cup of decaf coffee contains about 15 mg of caffeine.)

    Caffeine has physical effects as a recent study showed that people walked more on the days they drank coffee than when they didn’t. Workouts can be better too. On the other hand, when people drank as much coffee as they wanted to, they slept-on average 30 minutes less than on days they didn’t drink any. On average it takes about 4.5 hours for half the caffeine consumed to pass through your system. Which is why it is recommended to not drink anything with caffeine in the afternoon or later. The population, however, is split between fast and slow metabolizers.

    The best source of caffeine is unsweetened coffee or tea (there is about 26 mg. of caffeine in a cup of tea but depends on the type of tea.) These drinks also have polyphenols which have a beneficial antioxidant effect on reducing inflammation. This avoids the sugar and calories of sport and soft drinks that claim to have caffeine.

    -Sumathi Reddy, WSJ

    CoolSculpting Special!

    Get 4 cycles for price of 3. Can be used on multiple body parts or focus on one area.
    Does not have to be used in one sitting as some patients may need two cycles then a repeat.

    One treatment! Not everyone gets this after one but it might be YOU!


    An Easy Seafood/Pasta Recipe that Allows Interchangeable Ingredients

    Make some pasta such as spaghetti or linguini using a large pot and salting generously. Sauté your protein (shrimp, scallops, mussels, white fish, clams, pancetta, chicken, etc.) in butter or olive oil and set aside. In the same pan sauté chopped vegetables (mushrooms, tomatoes, leeks, fennel, green onion, shallots, sweet onion, spinach, etc.). Add proteins back in pan. Add salt, pepper, red pepper flakes (if desired) then a small amount of white wine, clam juice, vegetable stock or another liquid and simmer for a couple of minutes. Add pasta to this pan and combine. Add ¼ to ½ cup of pasta water and it will ironically thicken your dish. Season with parmesan cheese, lemon, and herbs such as cilantro, basil, or parsley.

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